Fernanda Filipini

Fernanda Filipini was born in Florianopolis Brazil where she first got her experience in the events industry working with both domestic and international clients.

Given her gracious gift of hospitality Fê quickly made friends with the international surfers where she accepted an invite to explore the California shores. During a chance meeting at Billabong Fê met Açai SuperBowls Co-Founder Scott Nemeth and two years later they married.

With Scott’s background in Acai, and Fernanda’s background in events, the two merged their talents to launch Acai SuperBowls in 2012. Their mission was to bring athletes the fuel they needed to compete at their best.

Although some focus has shifted from business to raising their children, Fernanda, who naturally prefers to be behind the scenes, is now the Quiet Commander, while Scott focuses on maintaining relationships with Event Organizers and Venue Operators.